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Welcome to
Minster in Thanet
Parish Council
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Parish Council

Clerk to the Parish Council
The Clerk (Mrs. Kyla Lamb)
Parish Office
Minster Library & Neighbourhood Centre
4A Monkton Road
CT12 4EA

Assistant Clerk: Clare Wilsdon

Tel: 01843 821 339
Fax: 01843 825 869
Email: Clerk
Web: Parish Website


Parish Councillors

Bailey, Roy
821 705
Bubb, Malcolm
447 706
Day, Danny
821 410
Gimes, Penny (Chairman)
822 559
Goodman, Tony
Grove, Bob (also TDC Cllr)
07711 774 262
Jones, Alan
822 752
Owen, Ray
07914 623 287
Quittenden, John
821 244
Taylor, Susan
652 936
Vaughan, Dominique
821 795
cllr bailey
cllr day
Cllr Bailey
Committees: Policy & Finance,
Ops, Highways
Outside Bodies: Village Hall
Cllr Bubb
Committees: Ops, Highways
Cllr Day (V/Chair)
Committees: Policy & Finance,
Ops, Planning, Highways
Outside Bodies: KALC, KIACC,
Flood Committee
cllr mrs. gimes
cllr grove
Cllr Mrs. Gimes (Chair)
Committees: Ex Officio
Outside Bodies: School
Cllr Goodman
Committees: Ops,
Planning, Highways
Cllr Grove
cllr jones
cllr quittenden
Cllr Jones
Committees: Policy & Finance,
Ops, Planning, Highways
Cllr Owen
Committees: Ops,
Planning, Highways, GDPR
Cllr Quittenden
Committees: Policy & Finance,
Ops, Planning, Highways
Outside Bodies: KALC, Twinning
cllr mrs. taylor
cllr ms vaughan
Cllr Mrs. Taylor
Committees: Planning,
Policy & Finance, GDPR
Cllr Mrs. Vaughan
Committees: Planning

Council meetings are normally held on the first Tuesday in the month, at 7pm in the Neighbourhood Centre, except January which is always the second Tuesday and August when there is no meeting. The public are welcome to attend, but cannot speak during the meeting, however if you wish to speak on an agenda item then you must request the Clerk or the Chairman before the start of the meeting , and the Chairman may then adjourn the meeting at the appropriate time. There is a 15 minute period at the end of official business when the public are invited to ask questions.
Entry to the Neighbourhood Centre, for evening meetings, is via the side door.

Timetable of Meetings

January 9th Council (note 2nd Tuesday)
February 6th Council
March 6th Council
April 3rd Council
April 17th Annual Parish Assembly
May 8th Council
June 5th Council
July 3rd Council
August - No Meeting
September 4th Council
October 2nd Council
November 6th Council
December 4th Council

January 8th Council (note 2nd Tuesday)
February 5th Council
March 5th Council
April 2nd Council
April 16th Annual Parish Assembly

Meeting Agendas are displayed in the Council's glass panelled noticeboard in Norton Drive for the week prior to a meeting.

You can view all available public documents including Council Agendas, Minutes and planning applications at the Parish Office. You can also view burial records for the Cemetery, or make an appointment to speak with a Parish Councillor.

The office is normally manned Mon - Fri 0900 - 1500 but the Clerk is not always available at these times, so even though you may 'just drop in' it is better to telephone for an appointment.

Access to the office is normally gained through the library, however lunchtimes and Wednesdays when the library is closed please come around the side of the building and ring the Neighbourhood Centre bell by the side door.

Please note: The Parish Council are also responsible for bookings at the Recreation Ground Pavilion, the Football and Cricket pitches, the All Weather Pitch and the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA). See under 'Bookable Facilities' for further information.

Meeting Minutes for the Full Council and all Committees, plus lots of other useful information can be found on their own website Click here

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